Illustration and Insects

I have really enjoyed experimenting with style this weekend.

It's been super hot over the last few days and I've seen lots of bees buzzing around the garden. I decided to do a little study of bees using fineliner and Polychromos Pencils on toned grey paper. I really enjoyed this little sketch and love the simple nature of the drawings. I am definitely going to take inspiration from bees in the future as there's so many varieties!

I decided to get the sketchbook out again today and wanted to continue with the theme of insects as it's not something I've really tackled before. I remember seeing a picture of a really colourful wasp and wanted to do something similar. After a bit of research on google I discovered that colourful little wasp was in fact a "cuckoo wasp". The colours are so far from what I would normally use and thought it would be great to do something different!

I started by doing a light pencil outline to get the form and then went over with the fineliner - there isn't much room for error with the fineliner!

I first put down the green tones using both Polychromos and Caran d'Ache luminance pencils and worked outwards to the darker tones. I like the bold colours and lines of illustration and will absolutely be exploring this further. I think the colours really stand out against the grey toned paper.

Keep an eye out for more insect based illustrations soon!

To follow my sketches go to my instagram @nataliemooneyart and for my digital art @nataliemooneydigitalart.

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