What a Hoot!

I'm always drawn to woodland creatures as a subject. I can often hear owls screeching to each other in the middle of the night and this inspired my next piece. I love using watercolours as I like the slightly "undone" look which can be achieved with them.

My little owl started life as a rough watercolour base and I kept adding different colours to it. I love using non-traditional colours in my artwork and this one is no exception. There is quite a lot of purple, pink, orange and green in the painting.

It's one of those paintings which I started to think "nah, I don't like this" to one which I really like! I also love mixing up colours to see what happens, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but that's the fun, right?

Once I had finished with the painting I let it dry and finished it by just adding a little bit of polychromos pencil to bring a bit of definition around the eyes. I have now digitised the piece so it can be reproduced by print and will be doing a limited edition run of this little owl.

I always find naming artwork really difficult but thought that "What a Hoot" is the perfect title for this piece!

This will be available in my store to order soon . I am thinking about doing another similar styled piece to go with this and would love to know what you think

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